Instagram dnya: jak mama tryox "odyahaje" rodynu v їžu

25 travnya 2018

Jakščo vy šče ne vyznačylysya, čym vbyty vašu nud'hu, dosvid cijeї divčyny može staty vam u nahodi.

Kejt Vajlent – mama tryox ditej ta vidoma Instagram-bloherka, na jaku pidpysani 247 tysyač čytačiv.

Її zavždy zaxoplyuvalo obrazotvorče mystectvo. Bil'še toho, protyahom bahatyox rokiv vona vyvčala aktors'ke mystectvo ta včylasya tancyuvaty.

Don’t let our (my) super reflective un-tan skin burn your retinas. It’s ok to squint if you need to. What can I say - this is my tan people. But can I take a second to say ‘What in the world?’ A candid pic of the family? What’s going on here? Nothing staged or set up ?!?! Like - who am I? I will say that I needed to post it because a) I forgot to take a family photo at Christmas 🤦🏼‍♀️ (so I blew that one big time), b) if you’ll notice - four out of five human beings are looking at the camera - if you have kids you know that this is totally unheard of and c) zoom into Maks’ chubby cheeks - you will die. I love baby Chubb, maybe more than pizza. So there you have it friends, candid, family beach pic. Perhaps I’ll even use it for next year’s Christmas card? 🤔. Now back to our regularly scheduled stages pics - happy Thursday! // #familyphotography #puertovallarta #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodsimplified #familylife #familyovereverything #momentsofmine

Dopys, pošyrenyj Ƙ∡꓄ℇ (@kweilz) 8 Ber 2018 r. o 5:45 PST

Ale osoblyvo Kejt cikavylasya fotohrafijeju.

Vona znala, ščo bude veselo počaty robyty seriju fotohrafij, na jaki її rodyna zmože dyvytysya i smijatysya, pyše Bored Panda.

Well well well - look who got a chair of his own!!! That cheeky little donut has all the charm and charisma of a mastermind manipulator, but with those cheeks and that smile he could get away with pooping in his pants seventeen times a day and waking up every few hours at night - so I get it. • 👉🏻 Eight months in 👈🏻 • Three pesky teeth, non-stop drool, fever/cold combo, disrupted sleep, new home, major reno, new nursery school, new swim lessons, but the best thing about this month - living closer to friends and family. • Check my stories for the way ‘cooler’ version of this shot - but I just had to go with this one. • Our bomber jersey jackets are from one of our favourite shops! @epicteesshop !!! Also, I had some serious reservations about posting this pic because of the conflict, drama and multiple replications (of unfortunate proportions) that was ignited. I didn’t want to be connected to any of that, BUT I’m continuing along as planned with our #familychair series because it’s what was envisioned, and it’s SUPER fun to #stage. #family #familyfirst #theweilands #weilandfamily #momlife #motherhood #parenting #threekids #marriedwithkids #epicteesshop #epic #blackandwhite #creative #lineup #series

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V ostannyomu proekti Kejt holovnu rol' hraje їža ta simja.

"Tomu vy často možete pobačyty mene, koly ja trymaju šmatočok їži pered kameroju, namahajučys' "odyahnuty" moju rodynu v unikal'ni produkty xarčuvannya, – rozpovidaje Kejt.

Pislya toho, jak naša fotohrafija z suši stala viral'noju, ja podumala: "Okej, lyudyam podobajet'sya, tomu ja pidijmu stejk ta prodovžu proekt".

I os', ščo u neї vyjšlo.

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